FaceTime Screen Share Doesn’t Work on iOS 15.1? Here’s How to Fix It

FaceTime Screen Share Doesn’t Work on iOS 15.1? Here’s How to Fix It

You can share your screen with your friend or family member over FaceTime. To use this feature, your Mac or iPad should be running macOS Monterey 12.1 or later. However, if you’re on iOS 15.1, the feature won’t work. However, there are fixes. Read on to learn more.

FaceTime feature

FaceTime’s new screen sharing feature lets you show your screen to a friend without having to send them an app. This feature can be used to watch movies or listen to music. It works through SharePlay, which is a new API that Apple has introduced with iOS 15. If you have an Android device, you can download SharePlay from the Google Play Store and use it with FaceTime.

FaceTime users can use the Screen Share feature by tapping the screen share icon on their device. Then, they can select the window or the whole screen to share with the other person. Once they’ve selected their screen, they can also tap the “Stop Sharing” button to stop sharing. This feature is also available for Mac users.

FaceTime Screen Share is available for Macs, iPhones, and iPads. However, it’s important to note that the screen share feature requires a compatible device. It differs from SharePlay in that it can’t be used to share subscription-based content. It also has some screen resolution problems, so it’s best to check the compatibility of your device before attempting to screen share.

You can use this feature on your iPad to show a picture or video to your friend or colleague. After the call connects, tap the FaceTime screen share icon. This button is purple and indicates that the screen is being shared. If the other person doesn’t want to share it, you can always stop the screen sharing before it starts.

This feature is not available on iOS 16. To use this feature, you must have iOS 10 or higher. It won’t work on iOS 16 unless you update it. If you’re unable to update your phone to the latest version of iOS, you can use the SharePlay feature to share your screen. You can also share videos and music while FaceTiming.

FaceTime’s screen sharing feature has some problems. Screens can freeze if your internet connection is poor. It may not work properly with emojis. In addition, some countries don’t support FaceTime Screen Share.

Requires macOS 12.1 or later

FaceTime Screen Share is a new feature that lets you share your Mac screen with anyone, whether you’re with a friend or a family member. The feature is available now in macOS Monterey 12.1 beta but will be released to the public in late fall 2021.

FaceTime has an easy-to-use interface. Users can share their entire screen to the other person during the call, or just part of it. To share your screen, open the app you’re using or your home screen. You can then tap the status bar or share a thumbnail of your screen.

To use FaceTime screen share, both participants must have the same version of MacOS 12.1 or later. This software will not work on any other operating system, including Windows or Android devices. The FaceTime app on the Mac must be open and the device must be unlocked.

To begin screen sharing, you must be using macOS Monterey 12.1 or later and iOS 15.1 or later. The software is not available for older versions of iOS, so be sure to update your Mac if you’re using an older version.

You can also share music, TV shows, and movies when you use FaceTime. It’s a great feature to share with family and friends for work or for personal reasons. You can also share your screen with other iOS devices with FaceTime. When sharing your screen, everyone on the call can see and hear what’s on the other device.

SharePlay is another great feature of FaceTime and its major update, and its ability to share videos and music over FaceTime has become one of the most exciting updates in the app. This feature gives Apple a strong competitor to Teleparty and Zoom. If you’re using an iOS device, you can share your screen through FaceTime if you’re subscribed to the streaming service.

FaceTime screen sharing allows you to share a window or your entire screen with another person. FaceTime Screen Share also works with Apple TV movies and Apple Music.

Doesn’t work on iOS 15.1

The Facetime screen share feature is only available on iOS 15 and higher, which is why you won’t be able to use it on iOS 15.1 if you’re using it on an older device. Thankfully, there are several ways to get around this problem.

The first method involves using FaceTime. When using FaceTime, you should press and hold the screen to share it with multiple people. After you’ve done that, tap the share button. SharePlay appears in the options menu when sharing the video. It is grayed out, however.

If the button remains greyed out or missing, you’ll need to try re-enabling FaceTime. This can take a few minutes. You can also try a FaceTime call to see if the option is working properly. If it still doesn’t work, you’ll need to restart the phone or upgrade to a newer iOS version.

Another solution involves using FaceTime SharePlay. However, it is important to know that this option requires you to install the app first. If you don’t have FaceTime SharePlay, go to the App Store and download it. There, you can get FaceTime screen share for iOS 15.

iOS 15 is the latest release of iOS, and it brings many new features and improvements that are meant to improve the user experience. Unfortunately, the FaceTime Screen Share feature does not work on iOS 15. This feature has been part of FaceTime for many years, but now no longer works. It’s an unfortunate side-effect, but if you’re not using it on your phone, you’re missing out on an excellent feature.

The problem can be caused by a variety of factors, including a weak connection or an issue with your iPhone. If you don’t have good internet connection, you can check your router settings or switch to mobile data. Another possible reason for this issue is a bug in the iOS 15 beta 6. In this release, Apple disabled the Facetime screen share feature.

If FaceTime Screen Share doesn’t work, you may need to update your software. You must be on iOS 15.1 or higher to use this new feature. The software update will fix the issue.


If FaceTime Screen Share does not work on your iPhone, there are a few fixes that will help you resolve the issue. First, you can try holding down the volume or side buttons on your iPhone. This will help you get the screen share function back. If that doesn’t work, you can also download a third-party tool to help you fix the problem.

Another fix for this problem is to remove the emoji next to your contact number. This can interfere with certain FaceTime functions. If you’re unable to share your screen with your FaceTime caller, you can remove the emojis and restart the FaceTime application.

This problem is also related to iOS 15. The latest update for the iPhone introduced a bug that prevented screen sharing on iOS devices. While you’re on FaceTime with your friend, you can still launch apps and use the iPhone or iPad. If you’re unable to share your screen, try downloading a program such as Wootechy iPhixer. This app is free and will work to fix FaceTime screen share issues on your iPhone or iPad.

After the screen-sharing has been enabled, you can select the app you’d like to share. Then, tap the SharePlay button, or select the ShareMyScreen option in the dropdown. Once this is done, the screen-sharing process should start automatically after a three-second countdown. Afterwards, the SharePlay button will be visible on your screen, and you can share any application you want.

After all, FaceTime has been one of the most popular features in the Apple ecosystem. With its many updates, it has also become better than ever. One of the more notable features is the ability to share screen images during FaceTime. And now, with the latest fixes, it can now be used by both iOS and macOS users.

Another fix for FaceTime Screen Share is to reactivate the FaceTime app. To do this, go to Settings and choose FaceTime. Once the application has been reactivated, you can test the FaceTime screen share feature. If you don’t see any results, try making a FaceTime call to see if the problem persists.

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