He Shou Wu Benefits

He Shou Wu Benefits


One of the many benefits of He Shou Wu is its ability to increase levels of dopamine. Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter that helps control emotions, growth hormone release, and sexual and coordination functions. As we age, our levels of dopamine decline. Luckily, there are ways to increase dopamine levels naturally. In addition, He Shou Wu is an effective MAO-B inhibitor, which means it can protect against the harmful effects of MAO-B activity in the brain. This effect has been confirmed in animal studies, with over 80% inhibition of MAO-B activity.


He Shou Wu is known for its a host of health benefits, including anti-aging, anti-cancer, neuroprotective, and anti-inflammatory effects. Although there are few studies to support its reputed therapeutic properties, many people are experiencing a variety of health benefits. The plant contains a potent source of choline, which is essential for the human nervous system and is linked to improved memory and mood. The polysaccharide found in He Shou Wu is also effective in strengthening bones and protecting bone-making cells from damage.

While He Shou Wu has a lot of medicinal benefits, it should not be used without consulting a health practitioner. While it is not dangerous to take, it is known to cause a number of side effects, including liver damage and hepatotoxicity. However, these side effects are often short-lived and mild. It is recommended that you consult a health practitioner before taking any herbal medicine, especially if you are taking He Shou Wu for cancer.

He Shou Wu is an herb native to China, and is often used to treat cancer. It is made from the root of a plant known as Polygonum multiflorum, which belongs to the Polygonaceae family. The herb can be taken in a variety of forms, including herbal tea, dried powder extracts, liquid tinctures, and capsules.


Researchers have discovered that the Chinese herbal formula He Shou Wu has anti-platelet benefits and can improve blood flow. In studies, it reduced platelet clumping and improved flow in aged rats. It also increased the production of g-interferon, a natural protein produced by immune system cells that inhibits viral replication.

The extract from He Shou Wu can also enhance hematopoietic cells. It has been found to enhance erythrocyte counts in test animals and strengthens the membranes of red blood cells. It is rich in lecithin, a major raw material for cell membranes. It is also found in nerve cells and is a component of the heart and liver.

The calming effect of He Shou Wu has been shown in lab animals. These animals showed fewer atherosclerotic lesions and lower blood cholesterol levels. It is also known to counteract the effects of heart rate-inducing drugs and prevent myocardial ischemia. Additionally, it is known to greatly reduce the level of free fatty acids in blood serum.

The active constituents in He Shou Wu are anthraquinones and phospholipids. One of the most common is 2,3,4,5-tetrahydroxystilbene-b-D-glucopyranoside, which is known as the “super-glycoside” of He Shou Wu. The aforementioned compounds are similar to those found in resveratrol.


The herb is known for its anti-viral properties, as it has been shown to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The name He Shou Wu translates to “He with the BlackHead of locks” and is a reference to its legendary origin. Its anti-viral properties have been demonstrated in numerous studies, with some evidence suggesting that it can also reduce tumor size.

He Shou Wu also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These properties help to protect cells and prevent oxidative stress that leads to disease. The phytochemicals in He Shou Wu inhibit the MAO-B enzyme, promoting the repair of DNA and reducing the risk of arteriosclerosis.

He Shou Wu also increases the activity of natural killer cells, which are powerful weapons against disease. Increased levels of these cells in the blood stimulate the immune system. Activated natural killer cells can bind to tumor cells without stimulation and kill them by inserting granules with a specific protein called perforin. He Shou Wu has also been shown to reduce inflammation and aid in the treatment of colitis. It also has protective properties for the microglia cells, which are important for the immune response.

The anti-viral benefits of He Shou Wu have long been lauded in traditional Chinese medicine. It has been used to treat many conditions including cancer and diabetes, and has been shown to be effective in combatting SARS and COVID-19. These benefits have made the herb a popular herb in Chinese herbal medicine.

Hair loss prevention

A traditional Chinese medicine herbal remedy, He Shou Wu (pronounced ‘hu show woo’) helps to nourish hair and skin from within. It has anti-inflammatory properties and boosts the activity of the superoxide dismutase enzyme, which neutralizes free radicals. It also helps the scalp achieve optimal blood circulation, ensuring that hair follicles get the oxygen and nutrients they need to grow.

The plant, also known as Fo-Ti, has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. Its root is commonly used in herbal preparations to promote good health and balance energy flow. In fact, the name of this herb comes from an ancient Chinese legend about an elderly man who wandered the forest, eating only roots of Polygonum multiflorum. As a result, his hair turned black. The story was eventually passed down through the generations, and it gained a name that translates into “black-haired Mr. He.”

Chinese herbs are known for their ability to promote blood circulation throughout the body. This improves blood flow to hair follicles, which in turn promotes hair growth. Many Chinese herbal formulas also include He Shou Wu as a blood tonic. This herb is rich in antioxidants and antioxidant-potentiating molecules, which can help prevent hair loss.

The herb itself comes from a plant that is native to China, though it is grown all over the world. It is also found in Japan and Taiwan. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is called “He Shou Wu.” Its roots are cultivated and used for a variety of ailments. Some of its benefits include healthy aging, longevity, virility, and prevention of liver disease.

Immune system support

He Shou Wu, also known as fo-ti, is a traditional Chinese medicine herb that increases the body’s antioxidant activity. The antioxidants present in this herb help the body to combat the damaging effects of free radicals, which are a constant process in our bodies. It also strengthens the body’s muscles, tendons, bones, and lower back. The herb is also thought to improve fertility and support healthy aging. It comes in raw or prepared extract form.

He Shou Wu has also been shown to improve blood flow and inhibit platelet clumping in laboratory rats. It also has antioxidant properties and can improve the heart’s function. It also induces the production of g-interferon, which is a naturally occurring protein in the immune system that inhibits the replication of viruses.

Several studies have shown that He Shou Wu can reduce high cholesterol and blood pressure. It can also help lower insulin resistance and improve heart tissue function. It may also reduce the risk of atherosclerosis. It can also help reduce free fatty acids in the blood, which is a key factor in cardiovascular health.

In one study, 19-20 month old mice were fed a He Shou Wu decoction continuously for four months. They were shown to have a lower level of blood plasma lipid peroxidation than those mice in the control group. These results suggest that He Shou Wu is an excellent choice for immune system support.

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