How to Last Longer in Bed

How to Last Longer in Bed

Developing staying power in bed is a common struggle for many men. There are a variety of ways to increase your endurance in bed. You can try exercising, using a penis extender, or taking prescription drugs. You can also focus on what your partner says. The more you focus on how your partner feels, the more likely you will be to have a satisfying sex. This article will discuss these techniques.


You can exercise to improve the endurance of your sexual encounters, and a variety of exercises can help you stay longer in bed. For example, performing push-ups can help you strengthen your chest and shoulders and triceps. This type of exercise also improves posture and core stability. Try to do three sets of ten to twelve repetitions.

Exercise also improves overall fitness, which can help you last longer in bed. According to Scott Hays, author of Sexual Fitness for Men and Built for Sex, simple exercises can increase sexual performance and improve your pleasure level. In his book, Hays describes eight exercises to help you last longer in bed.

You can also try squats to help improve the muscles in your pelvic area. These exercises can help you increase your endurance, as they increase your stamina and flexibility. To increase the intensity of these exercises, use dumbbells or barbells. Besides, exercise can help improve your mood as well.

Regular exercise also improves cardiovascular health and helps your libido. The increased flow of blood in the body helps maintain firm erections and promote optimal sexual function in men. The biggest impact of exercise on stamina comes from cardiovascular fitness. Other benefits include increased strength and conditioning, healthier joints, and stronger muscles. Lastly, regular exercise boosts testosterone levels, which leads to increased libido and performance in the bedroom.

Using a penis extender

When it comes to enhancing your erection, using a penis extender can be a great option. While it may seem like an unorthodox approach, this is actually a relatively easy way to extend your penis’ length and width without surgery. The process is easy and painless and involves using a special device.

The first step in using a penis extender is to make sure you get the right one for your penis. The right penis extender can add about one-third of your penis’ length. They are also flexible and allow you to perform penetrative sex without causing a weakened erection.

Some penis extenders can even be used to correct the shape of your penis. The penis extender is a medical device that can be worn along the penis to make it longer and thicker. These devices are also helpful in improving your penetration and the size of your orgasms. They are completely safe and legal and are made of good materials.

A penis extender is a low-cost option that can help men last longer in bed. They are available online and can vary in price. Some are designed for men with complete ED, while others are geared towards men with mild erectile dysfunction.

Penis extenders come in a wide variety of sizes and designs. The main goal of a penis extender is to give men the added length and girth they need to have more pleasurable sex with their partner. Moreover, the devices are often sold as a sex toy. They can be a great way to enhance the sex life of both men and women.

Penis extenders use a traction method that gradually stretches your penis. The device works by pulling on two important ligaments at the base of your penis. These ligaments help to attach the penis to the pubic bone. Therefore, it is safe to use these devices if you follow instructions carefully.

Using prescription drugs

Although many people report that prescription drugs improve erection time, there are some dangerous side effects that should be avoided. Some of these drugs can affect the formation of an erection, or even make it impossible for a man to achieve orgasm. Some of these medications can also affect the person’s libido. In addition, over-the-counter PE medications don’t go through proper testing, and their claims can be misleading. For example, SSRIs such as sertraline (Zoloft(r)) can cause delayed ejaculation, and they can cause sleepiness, dizziness, or nausea.

Using a cock ring

For those penis-havers who struggle to maintain an erection during double penetration, a cock ring may be the answer. This accessory is relatively inexpensive, and can help you have better sex experiences. They are designed to stretch to fit nearly every penis, and their flat design keeps them from digging in or moving around.

The cock ring’s design helps maintain an erection by constricting blood flow to the penis. This in turn traps blood inside the erect penis, prolonging the duration of the erection. It also reduces anxiety during sexual activities, a factor that can hinder a man’s ability to have a satisfying erection.

Although it is possible to use a cock ring on a dildo, it can be uncomfortable and difficult to place on an erect penis. Because of the discomfort, it is often easier to use it on a semi-erect or flaccid penis.

The cock ring should be tight but comfortable to wear. If the ring feels too tight or causes pain, take it off immediately. Likewise, you should avoid wearing the ring for more than 20 minutes at a time. In addition, it should not be left on your penis too long.

While cock rings can be used to prolong erections, they should be used as a supplement to other methods of erectile dysfunction. It is important to consult with your doctor before using these devices. They can be dangerous and may cause other problems.

Although a cock ring may help improve erections, you should consult your healthcare provider before using one. There are some risks associated with them, including bleeding and blood flow problems around the penis, and some rings may damage penile structure. Moreover, heavy rings can cause damage to nerves in the penis.

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